The best way to audit and secure your AWS environnement.

Improve your audit security process !


IvoryShield is a great tool if you run complex AWS infrastructures.

It is strongly recommanded to plan a security audit :

Periodically or when you are alerted

In case of staff turnover

If you stop using services

In case you change your infrastructure

Here are all the available ressources for now !

Amazon Machine Images

EC2 instances

Elastic IP address

IAM User

Internet Gateway

NAT Gateway

Network Interface

S3 Bucket

Security Group



Storage Volume

Virtual Private Cloud

Developed by an AWS certified Solutions Architect - Professionnal

Here is the link to the GitHub repo !

Should you have any question, feel free to contact us:


Software architecture

Thanks to its two components, CronScanner (periodical checks) and CloudTrail (real-time remediation), IvoryShield aims to solve monitoring and auto-remediation of your AWS accounts.

IvoryShield global architecture

Typical use case deployment

Check out all the available ressources for now, configure your event monitoring params, and let IvoryShield configure your AWS account and launch on Fargate both components.

IvoryShield deployment